Recommend My Ride

Service design to extend client Gilson Snow's competitive advantage

A David & Goliath Story

Gilson Snow is an ecommerce direct-to-consumer ski & ride company creating made-to-order decks and skis. By bypassing distributors, Gilson has created a close-knit, passionate community.

As service designers, we were tasked to augment Gilson's existing product-service system, enabling this rural Pennsylvania snowboard company to offer its customers a superior experience.

Underserved Rider Values From Primary Research:

1. Address my pain points around finding the right board
2. Make me smarter as I get ready for the mountain
3. Help me celebrate a momentous board upgrade

Creating Maximum Impact with Minimal Cost

After performing user research, mapping the existing service ecosystem, and validating a suite of ideas with Gilson, I narrowed to the opportunity for Gilson to offer a service within its existing shopping experience. This resulted from my prioritization matrix, where I took into account the reach, cost, scalability, and impact of each concept.

I created a concept video to share with the client, outlining the service roadmap and value across stakeholders.

Generating a Blueprint for Success

Within the service blueprint I laid out the foundations for integrating the service into Gilson's existing workflow. To enable the client to test the value of a "minimum viable service," I kept the core of the service minimal but included areas for additional value creation in future iterations.

At present, Recommend My Ride is under consideration for implementation with Gilson Snow.

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