Man About Cake

Creating viewer delight and business impact through a data-driven YouTube series

Charting a New Course in Content

In 2015, many companies faced declining reach and ROI from Facebook advertising. By 2016 it was crucial for Craftsy (now Bluprint), an online education and ecommerce platform for crafts and hobbies, to expand its reach on alternate social platforms.

I was tasked with launching Craftsy's new customer acquisition strategy on YouTube.

I researched and analyzed audience, content, and marketing strategies that would delight viewers and grow Craftsy’s addressable audience by driving viewers to the site.

Leading the Charge with Data-Driven Insights

As the lead marketing and analytics touchpoint on the series, I made decisions that impacted multiple departments and stakeholders. I facilitated collaboration and managed the needs of external and internal stakeholders across five departments.

I used a data-driven approach to understand viewer preferences, platform best practices, and areas of greatest impact to the business. I conducted domain study, competitive analysis, and trend analysis, and even surveyed viewers. I also analyzed content performance, culling insights to optimize view, click-through, and conversion rates on YouTube and Prior to each season I facilitated cross-functional stakeholders in pre-shoot meetings to iterate against production and marketing strategies, and after each season I shared my findings and facilitated post-mortems.

Fueling Growth & Business Impact

During my tenure the channel acquired over 800K subscribers and millions of views. It attracted the attention of NBCU prior to Craftsy’s acquisition, and was later used to promote NBC content like Jurassic World and Shahs of Sunset. The show pioneered production approaches for series on Craftsy's streaming subscription service, leading to spinoffs and fresh new content.

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